Make 2019 your best year yet with a new way of tackling goals!

Anti Resolution Workshop Series with Lucy Dunne

Never set another New Year's resolution AGAIN!

Take action, join us for The Anti-Resolution Workshops and experience what it takes to get you the results YOU deserve.

We get how it feels to fail. (p.s. “We” is Lucy Dunne and Mallory Chapman). In fact, this Anti-Resolution Workshop Series is a result of us venting about how much we HATE how our industry in fitness and wellness for the ridiculous false promises just to get you in their door.

This is different.

Workshop Theme 1 (Jan 16) - Exploring your goals and narrowing down what you really want - Tickets:

Workshop Theme 2 (Jan 30) - Taking Action - Tickets:

Workshop Theme 3 (Feb 13) - Refocus and reprioritize - Tickets:

Workshop Theme 4 (Feb 27) - Sustaining your goals - Tickets:

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We can't wait to see you there.

Lucy + Mallory

P.S - For more information on what you will get from attending these events, check out this blog post where we answer some FAQ's and explain more about the ``why`` behind this.

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