Liberate your body and mind from what could be holding you back from living your #surferstrong life with The Practice; an online movement and mindset program inspired by surfing. Come with me on this wellness adventure as I deliver a simple, approachable and convenient platform for you to do anywhere, anytime, with no more excuses. Save time and money while you gain the opportunity to live the life you really want without the barriers, excuses or schedules”.

Discover your inner strength and feel empowered by moving your body 5 days/week for 30 minutes in each workout video while you follow along Mallory on the beach in Paradise. There are options for beginners and seasoned movers.

Create a shift in your mindset 1x/week for 30 minutes by video followed by a journalling exercise or series of questions in this unique surf inspired mindset Practice. Each month has a new theme to help you exercise your mind in new ways.

 You are investing in your health and in turn we are investing in you! There is an entire community of people just like you, and your host Mallory who will help you stay motivated and accountable.  You are not alone, the #practicepossy has your back! Receive encouraging reminders over email to get your body moving or to spend time Practicing your mindset.

Connect back with yourself and with others in this empowering Practice full of like minded individuals who share the same goals as you. Practice with Mallory and your #practiceposse LIVE twice a month online for 45 minutes. Workout for 30 minutes and have time to share your experience or ask questions about the topic Mallory chooses! Don’t forget to tune in for our monthly bonus interview with an inspiring guest of honour as they share their inspiring story.


"I started because I wanted to choose living, living life to my full potential.  I wanted to have fin.  Thank you for bringing that back to my life."

“I loved my workouts and they truly enhanced my whole trip while I was on the road.  They kept me physically and emotionally strong.”

“Her workouts have been my sanity and I have loved every single one of them (despite my whining! I hope you know the extent of your impact!”

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