How to ditch the "I'm not enough Mindset"

Comparison is the thief of joy- Theodore Roosevelt

Are you stuck in the “I’m not enough” mindset? Do you feel trapped in the vicious cycle of comparing yourself to others leaving you unmotivated, resentful, guilty, ashamed, envious or jealous when you could be rocking results in your business or life?

You’re not alone! Recent research has concluded there’s a rise in mood disorders and the direct correlation to the increased exposure to social media (aka everyone’s perfect highlight reel) since 2008. Research indicates it’s easier now than ever before to get caught in this place of lack. Now, you may not have a mood disorder but you still might feel “triggered” when you find yourself scrolling through instagram or having a conversation with someone you look up to who appears to “have it all together”.

So watch today’s Freedom Friday Episode to walk you through the steps on how you can ditch the “I’m not enough Mindset” and start taking positive action in your life and business.

Start by asking yourself when the last time you compared yourself to someone else. What triggered the comparison and what were the emotions that came up? Did you feel  bad, guilty, shame, resentful, envy, jealousy or another emotion? 

Now apply the steps to defuse or unhook yourself from the compassion trap:

  1. Observe without judgement- notice when you get triggered and what those triggers are. Is it social media, is it having a conversation with someone you look up to that leads you to believe “they have it all”.

  2. Reality Check- Know that nothing is perfect and although it all appears to be, it’s not. What’s on the outside isn’t always a direct reflection of the inside. Is there a narrative or story that I keep hearing from my inner critic when I’m triggered? What evidence do you have that actually supports the story or narrative, is this really true?

  3. Instead of avoiding feeling uncomfortable, face it with curiosity- You’re inevitably going to face the unknown, uncertainty, so stop resisting or fighting with it. What is this emotion trying to tell you? If it’s envy or jealousy, what about the situation are you envious of or jealous of? Why do you want this? What aspect of success is this playing into for you? Why is this important to you? 

    TIME FOR THE TSN TURNING POINT….. Shift your mindset from lack to positive action.

  4. Write down what your top 3 strengths or qualities that I can own and be proud of. 

  5. What is one positive action I can take today that will leverage my existing strengths and help me towards my goal?

  6. Commit to taking that action and celebrating the fact that you did it!

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Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next week!