Here to support... Calling all business owners in the impact zone

Whether you are one of the many being impacted by the increase in commercial property taxes or you’re someone who is simply faced with adversity, I’m reaching out today to support you. To give you a tool to help you move forward, to take positive action.


I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, even if it’s incredibly painful….and knowledge is meant to be shared. So, here it is. I hope this helps you!

Our City is faced with another round of commercial property tax increases and our community is being impacted because of it.

If I had this advice and support in 2017 when I was faced with one of the hardest decisions of my life of having to sell Studio Revolution Fitness, I wouldn’t have fell so hard and felt so isolated. The silver lining is having come out on the other side with experience, knowledge, growth and tools I would have never gained and now, I can share with you. My wish is that this to will help you in your time of crisis and pain.

For those of you who have been following along, almost two years ago I took the stage and asked our Mayoral candidates how they were going to put in preventative measures in the future so more businesses like mine don’t suffer from astronomical increases in commercial property taxes.

I told our Mayoral candidates, including Mayor Nenshi, “I’m interested in what your long-term plan is to address the revenue shortfall.” Although a very complex situation given the state of our city, not one candidate could respond with any sort of assurance of the future and vitality of small business in Calgary. Read the full story here. Today, many incredible businesses are having to shut their doors.

So, how do you move through this incredibly challenging time? In this 2 minute video I walk you through a 4 step process that will help you move through adversity and build resiliency. It is short and sweet but I hope this helps if not now, one day when you look back.

Here to serve and support, reach out if you have any questions or simply want to connect. You are not alone. Email me at if you’d like to connect.

With love,