Stuck in decision purgatory? Here’s how you can simplify the process and save yourself from stressing.

You’ve got an important decision to make, but you feel completely stuck. A part of you is confident and ready to make a bold move and say yes, but another part of you feels nervous, even a little scared leading you towards the other side which is more comfortable playing it safe and staying right where you are…. 

Because it’s what has been familiar to you, and well, let’s face it the alternative is filled with unknowns and uncertainties which can be uncomfortable. 

But is that really what you want? To stay safe and risk holding yourself back from what’s really possible? 

I don’t think so, and how do I know? Well, you wouldn’t be reading this ;)

I call this staying stuck in decision purgatory. Where you feel like you’re floating in the world of “what if’s, I can’ts, I don’t haves, I’m not…”  

If you ever feel nervous and torn when you’re about to make a big decision this is for you. 

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Here’s how you can learn to simplify you decision making process and be confident knowing you made the right choice. No more regret, no yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach, no more doubt. 

Ready for it? It’s super simple and this method can help you make confident decisions, every time. 

First, let’s hear from one of our Rise with Resiliency graduates who finished my small group coaching program in July. In the first module we talk a lot about decision making, building confidence and owning your success…  

“Values are the compass that guides me to where I need to go/what I need to keep doing.”

- Kristine”

Sing it Kristine! That’s right, using your core values as the compass to all decision making. Whether you’re the CEO of a company or are in the midst of a transition in a relationship… the one thing you need to remember is using your top 2-3 core values as your guiding principle to all decisions. 

Keep in mind, this tool doesn’t need to be only applied to big decisions, use this in simple situations that still cause you frustration, procrastination and avoidance. For example, what do I need to focus on today? This project…. Or this one? Use your core values my friend and you’ll spend less time in purgatory and more time in the productivity zone!

Okay, onto you! 

So ask yourself first, “what are my top 2-3 core values?”. 

Then ask, “is this decision in favor of or against my core values?”. 

Lastly, “how do I align my decision in the best way I can to lean into my core values?”. 

BOOM! Just like that you’ve made life a hell of a lot SIMPLER. 

As you know, being a badass confident decision making bawse is crucial to your success. Use this practical tool to save you from decision purgatory and gain more strength and clarity in your choices as you move ahead in your career and life.  

Here’s another quote from another graduate of the last Rise with Resiliency program on how important the values module was in her business and life!

“My biggest aha moment was sitting down and thinking about my values and then using them to lead my life”.- JILLIAN

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See y’all soon!