Get your bullshit meter out, is your drive for “success” your # 1 self sabotage strategy?

You’re ambitious, driven and value quality in everything you do. This can be a blessing and a curse at the same time if these traits become your number one self sabotage strategy. Balancing ambition with contentment can be the key to your success, but can be hard to practice if you have perfectionistic tendencies. If you just thought; “contentment, pshhh that’s for the stagnant non achievers of the world”, then this will be a very valuable mindset lesson! 

Are you someone who constantly tweaks or ends up redoing or scrapping what you’re working on and has a hard time following through with what you’ve committed to? You spend more time procrastinating with perfectionism which is crushing your productivity. Sound familiar?

I can relate. As someone with high self expectations and is in perfectionistic recovery, I’m deeply familiar with the seductive pull to needing to be in control and polishing everything to perfection… 

See, the problem is that perfectionism is a dark vortex that can suck your productivity and potential into oblivion — if you let it. So how do we stop it? Well, let’s look at what’s really under the surface. Perfectionism is really a manifestation of fear… the fear of being judged, not being “enough”, being rejected, the list goes on.

What I’ve been driving home with my clients in my course Rise with Resiliency (join the waitlist now!) and my individual clients is that, done is better than perfect and to focus on progress over perfection. 

Letting go of perfection does not mean that the quality of your work goes to sh*t, that you become careless, lazy and all of those great qualities like ambition and drive go down to the toilet. It does, however, begin to breakdown the pattern of paralyzing perfectionism and train you to produce more efficiently and openly. When you are efficient and open in your work, you get more done and more out of the activity because you become a student, the one growing, the one who is learning by experiencing.  

So stop wasting time, draining your energy on trying to perfect everything because it’s getting in the way of your potential and dreams. Be a relentless learner with a growth mindset, there is no shame in growing and improving something. Remember, progress over perfection is key!

If you want to learn more about the underlying motivators and contributors to your self sabotaging behaviours, I have an entire module dedicated to working through these roadblocks in my group coaching course, Rise with Resiliency. Join the waitlist and stay informed as to when the next course begins!

Ciao for now!