Too “busy” and burnt out? 3 painless habits that will help you rise to your success.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, how you choose to fill them and feel about it is up to you. If you’re feeling like you need an extra 10 hours to fit all of your commitments in a day and you’re exhausted or frustrated, then this post will be hella helpful. 

I’m going to teach you to focus on what you CAN control, because hunny, time isn’t always something you have full ownership of…but how you prioritize and manage your mindset within your commitments certainly are! These three simple habits will help you feel more abundant in time, more energized, more fulfilled, more organized, and accomplished. Ready? Read on. 

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So, what are some painless habits and strategies that you can build to help manage your mindset around time and what you’ve committed to so you can live all around healthier, more productive and happier in your day to day? How can you accomplish all of the things that you know are important but likely aren’t prioritizing (like self care) and still handle the responsibilities that are urgent?

Let’s start with ENERGY MANAGEMENT. 

Question: Think of what you did throughout your day, can you answer honestly and say whatever you worked on was getting 100% of your attention? Or, did you happen to get slightly distracted with a notification on your phone, a scroll through social media, procrasticleaning, procrastieating, procrastitexting, procrastiwebsurfing, procrastihanging out at the water cooler, procrastianything? Likely the answer is the latter, it’s okay I’m guilty too! So, the first painless habit is to 

create a daily distraction free environment and focus on ONE thing at a time so you can be fully engaged in what you’re doing. Whatever your distractions are or procrastifillintheblank tendencies are, create healthy boundaries that will preserve your energy when you need to get sh*t done.  

This habit and practice will help you manage your energy, which in turn will increase your productivity, focus and fulfillment because you’ll actually get things done…. No more “half” completed work. No more feeling like you don’t have enough hours in the day, because really we do, we just aren’t always optimizing them. We’re spending energy on the distractions that are not getting us closer to what we want. So go ahead, think about those tendencies and start brainstorming how you can manage your boundaries better to protect your precious energy. 

Now let’s talk about TIME MANAGEMENT. 

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is, “I don’t have enough time”. Listen, I see and hear and have empathy for your busy schedule. I fully recognize that is a lot of your realities. So, the habit I challenge you to build, is a habit of 

asking the question “is this urgent TODAY”? If it’s a heck yes, then put that on the TOP of your to do list for the day. Definitely not last, otherwise chances are you’ll drain your energy on other “non urgent” tasks leaving your tank empty at the end of the day. 

Think of when you had to do burpees (my favorite exercise ;), if you do them at the beginning of the workout they likely aren’t too awful… compared to when you do them at the end of the workout… ummm no you’re gassed as hell and it will feel terrible. If the answer to whether this task is urgent or not is a “mmmm not really”, then it belongs in a parking lot list and when you have time and no urgent tasks for the day, then giver’. Tackle that parking lot list for a half day but don’t you dare let it hang out with the other urgent tasks, they don’t belong in the same crew. It would be like Justin Timberlake hanging out with the Backstreet Boys… it just wouldn’t be right. 

Last but most importantly is building a solid habit around EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT. 

This is often the most challenging mindset habit to build because you all want to be superhumans and are super optimistic which I love! Don’t lose that pep in your step, but let’s maybe sprinkle some reality into the situation. The expectations I hear my clients say they have on themselves are often just short of being realistic. This creates a whole lot of disappointment and frustration because they’re setting themselves up for failure by setting insane expectations without factoring in this thing called “life”. Life happens, and if you have this “all or nothing mindset” you’re going to be in trouble when it comes to sticking to your goals. Try this habit, 

when you have a goal or task I want you to think about sticking to the commitment rather than just sticking to the specific goal. 

Let me clarify. If you say “I’m going to workout 3 times a week for 60 minutes each” and you only accomplished 1 workout because…. Well life happened, for the person that has an “all or nothing” mindset that’s considered a loss. Rather, if you just stayed committed to moving your body and you got 2 workouts in that were say 20 minutes, and you did a full 60 minute workout the other day that’s 40 minutes more that you wouldn’t have accomplished if you had your all or nothing hat on! 

SUCCESS, you’re taking action and getting traction on your goal. It’s about progress, not perfection. Capiche?    

So, to wrap up today’s novel. Here are the 3 habits you can build to be your best, most energetic, successful self: 

  1. Eliminate the distractions in your life and focus on ONE task at a time.

  2. Ask if this task is urgent, if it’s a yes put it at the top of the list and crush it first thing! 

  3. Shift your expectations and focus on the commitment not the specific goal when you’re building traction. Be proud of what you accomplish when you stay committed. 

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Ciao for now,