3 Steps To Gaining Momentum and Getting Unstuck

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut and feel frustrated and tired of not being able to get out… even more frustrating is not really knowing WHY you feel this way. 

This can definitely be self sabotage starting to creep it’s way in to stunt your success. So rather than staying stuck and feeling helpless, try out this 3 step process that will help you get clear on what’s really happening and what you have the power to change and shift.

  1. Name It: Name the trigger/thought/emotion and trigger. 

  2. Claim It: Claim your power back by acknowledging what you can change and leave the rest.

  3. Change It: Make a choice to take one positive action right now. Acknowledge what becomes possible and what you free yourself from as a result of the change.

Let’s go through an example together to clarify the steps and see how it all unfolds! You can also watch a video on today’s Freedom Friday Episode to walk you through the steps.


  • TRIGGER- “I have too many tasks on my to do list”. 

  • THOUGHT- “I never get anything done”. 

  • FEELING- “I feel so frustrated, distracted and unmotivated.”


  • Take your power back, claim what you can change, leave the rest.

  • Can I change what the trigger? Yes, I can eliminate or delegate what’s on my list. I can adopt a new perspective of progress over perfection vs all or nothing. Taking small action each day is what can create massive forward momentum.


  • By taking positive action right now, I’ll gain ________________ and free myself from_________________________.

  • In this case, by getting a few things off my to do list right now and shifting my perspective to progress over perfection, I’ll gain more time in my schedule, feel more accomplished and get momentum. I will free myself from procrastinating on everything, not feel overwhelmed or helpless.

Boom! Just like that you go from feeling completely trapped and stuck in a negative rut to actually seeing progress and gaining traction towards what you value and want in your life. Like everything I teach, this work takes practice and commitment. So I encourage you to walk through a couple of examples in your personal or professional life that you feel stuck with and walk through these steps, I hope this helps!

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Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next week!