3 Simple Words that could boost your motivation today


We have less than 2 months from 2019, which is insane!!! This is the time of year I see SO many clients frustrated and ready to toss the towel in, whereas just 2 months ago they hit the ground running as Fall kicked off with great ambitions to crush some new goals. Sound familiar? Not so fast, remember nothing is impossible you just might need a bit of a mindset reset.

So I hope today's post helps you get back on track!

Three words that I swear by when I have those days where I feel like I can't keep on keepin' on.

Ready. Awareness. Willingness.

Ready to make a change. You're not contemplating change, you're ready for it and you can't imagine living one more day not taking action.

Aware of what you really want. Sometimes our goals and desires have been influenced or shaped by others. Are you goals actually YOURS? Think long at hard about what you're after, is it really what you want?

Willingness to put in the time and grit it's really going to take. This is not going to be easy. Prepare for your journey in perseverance to be one that is full of feeling uncomfortable, feeling like you want to quit, questioning whether or not you can do this. You need to determine if it's worth fighting for... i.e. is this what you really want and are you really ready?

My husband told me a story the other day that many of you might have heard, it's the "3 feet from gold" story by Napoleon Hill. T

he moral of the story is to persevere through the times when you feel like giving up and stay focused.

You never know how close you are to the success you're digging for.

A man was told there was a significant amount of gold in the land he purchased. He dug and dug with initially a lot of success! Then, after digging some more it seemed like the gold supply disappeared. He kept digging and NOTHING was found. Frustrated and depleted the man decided to sell the land at an incredibly low cost just to dump it. The man who bought it hired an engineer to look at where the gold could be which he determined was just 3 feet under where the original owner quit digging. The new owner dug 3 feet and sure enough, hit the jack pot.... he made millions.

Whatever you're digging for. Your business. Your relationships. Your health. Remember you could just be 3 feet away from gold.

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