Forget what you think you know.... create the reality you want to experience


I got in the boat at about 7:45 am in Haleiwa harbour in the North Shore of Oahu on August 16, 2018, I'll never forget the feeling. A mix of thinking I was going to throw up out of fear and excited for the thrill of a lifetime. I was up half the night before tossing and turning, wondering if I should cancel the free dive I had booked in the wide open ocean that next morning. Keep in mind, I grew up with an irrational fear of fish. Like fresh water fish in a lake... let alone sharks in 250 meters of deep blue ocean. It sounds ridiculous but I have two older brothers who loved to scare the hell out of me as a kid. In this case, at our family cabin they used to tell me that the jack fish were going to chew me apart if I went in the lake... I was terrified and conditioned with this irrational fear. Thanks brothers ;) Slowly over the years I have worked towards working through this fear because my love for the water is greater than this silly phobia. I would say swimming in an open water free dive with sharks was the ultimate test.

Our captain on the boat from Island View Hawaii started our safety briefing by saying, "forget what you think you know about sharks, what you've heard, past experiences and try to experience what you are about to with a clean slate, with no preconceived thoughts/fears or assumptions". I went from that mixed feeling of thinking I was going to throw up and feeling excited, to calm and grounded. I slid into the water, into the middle of the open ocean and looked down for the first time. There came 5-6 sharks, beautiful, graceful, curious beings. I wasn't scared or nervous, I was in awe of this moment because I let go of everything I thought I knew and allowed myself to be fully present, without past fears, past thoughts, past beliefs cloud over the experience I was in. What an incredibly empowering and freeing practice.

After the dive, I drove to Oahu and a few hours later was on a plane back home to Canada. I thought about what other areas in my life am I holding onto old thoughts, old beliefs, old experiences that are clouding over my ability to fully experience something or completely prevent me from trying something. What can I let go of and free myself from in order to live a more empowered and full life?

So, I challenge you to ask yourself the same question. Ask yourself this question over and over again because sure enough there is a lifetime of "what you think know" that is ingrained in you. If you want a different reality it's up to you to create that.

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Mahalo and Aloha for tuning in!