How I broke free from overwhelm


It's something I think we ALL struggle with.... We are a collective of do-ers, multi-taskers, people pleasers, we want results now, and live in a self propelled state of FOMO (thanks to our socially acceptable addiction to the gram). As a result, most of us live day to day in a state of overwhelm. If you're anything like me you get FROZEN when you get overwhelmed. I find myself in the fridge grabbing handfuls of anything sweet, maybe scrolling through social media more frequently than normal, going out for an extra coffee even though I've had 3 already, anything to avoid that dreadful feeling of being overwhelmed. It's called avoidance. Sound familiar at all?

Today, I'm going to share how I manage overwhelm each day as a boss lady entrepreneur and how I work through it, which has helped me create unimaginable results in my businesses and personal life! I hope that you become more aware of your "avoiding" behaviours and how you too can manage overwhelm to get closer to those goals whether it's personal or business.

Let me start by saying that this takes Practice, awareness and commitment... everything worth achieving does. So be patient, and work at managing overwhelm one bite size chunk at a time. Here are 4 easy steps to try out to start managing overwhelm today:

  • Ask yourself this question first:

"Is everything I have on my plate contributing to my main goal?"

9 x out of 10 the answer is NO. Meaning we are doing too much at once. We are unfocused, which then leads us to feeling overwhelmed. I see this ALL the time with my clients. They decide to start exercising more, eating better, sleeping better, managing stress better... but they tried doing it all at once, got overwhelmed, then quit. Not only are they trying to do too much at once but they've filled their time up with things that don't contribute to their health goal.

  • Recognize:

When you feel overwhelmed, recognize your typical avoiding behaviours. Is it binging on food, netflix, social media? What do you default to? When you start to create that awareness or recognize what your avoiding behaviours look like, you can then start to take action. Which is our next step.

  • De-clutter:

Start de-cluttering all of the things on your daily to do list that are not contributing to your goal or at least limit the amount of time you are spending doing those unproductive things (like scrolling on social media).

  • Reset:

Take a hot second to just press the reset button. You've now taken a few minutes to determine if what you're doing is actually going to get you closer to your goal, you've identified what your avoiding behaviours are, and you've de-cluttered your to do list. Before you jump into the productive, focused work try a quick meditation or breathing exercise to really ground yourself. Then slay away my friend, you got this.

I interviewed Dr. Lindsay Sewall from Shift Psychological last week on a few topics that really speak to today's lesson. Especially if you have a hard time managing overwhelm because you have a tough time saying no, or if you are a helper/fixer, this is a great audio interview to listen to! Listen for free to our audio interview here. If you happen to be working on your fitness, check out one of my free workout video's online when you're tuning into the audio mindset lesson with Dr. Sewall in my online subscription program called The Practice!

Thanks for reading along! Until next time ;)