Psssst. I have a shocking fact for you. Let's break free from being part of this stat.


Body love. Self love. Self care. Positive self talk. I promote it.

I want to walk the walk and talk the talk.

But the reality is, it's a work in progress and everyday will bring new challenges with new triggers that we need to decide how we will respond.

Choice A: Be a victim of the challenge or trigger you come up against which leads us to the same thoughts, feelings and behaviours that aren't serving us.


Choice B: Build awareness around your challenges and triggers, work towards shifting your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and start living a life where body love is possible. Where self love is your practice. Where self care is actually self care. Where you talk the talk and walk the walk. Where you believe you are enough.

The intention of today's blog is to shine light to the dark where we as women and men feel don't feel like we're enough and work towards changing that. Because guess what, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

FACT (from Heather R. Gallivan, PsyD, LP Park Nicollet Melrose Center, Teens, Social Media And Body Image). 

  • Approximately 80% of U.S. women don’t like how they look.
  • 34% of men are dissatisfied with their body.
  • 70% of normal weighted women want to be thinner.
  • Body image can lead to depression, social anxiety and eating disorders.

There is no doubt that I have been part of these statistics and am sure at one point in some way you have too.

So what do we do to start to shift this? Review Choice B. Work towards shifting your thoughts/feelings and emotions which will trigger a different reaction or behaviour that will serve you.

We automatically go straight to changing the "actions". We workout more. We watch what we eat. We DO whatever it takes to feel like we're enough. That's all fine and dandy, but then what happens when we lose our motivation or we burn out and bounce back to where we were? SHIT. Back to square one we go.

What if instead of going straight to taking action, which is what we are taught to do, we actually change the way you interpret/think/feel about the situation? WOAH!

This is what we work through in my coaching practice, in our one on one sessions or group coaching workshops my goal is to first help bring awareness to the "dark", work towards finding a level of acceptance with what is, and shift our thoughts and feelings about the different events that happen in our lives. It's not easy and takes a lot of energy, but this is where long lasting change happens my friends. You can book in a free 15 minute phone consultation and see if I'm a fit for you!

More than ever, we are being influenced by the constant in your face "be perfect", "look perfect", "you aren't enough" messaging that comes across our social media channels.

The only way to slow down the negative impact of these influences is by standing strong in who we are and stop being a victim to the curveballs that life throws at us, because guess what life isn't a smooth ride. Shit happens. So let's deal with it.

You can find some of my mindset work online in my upcoming Wellness Challenge with my company Swellness.

This 6 week fitness, mindset and nutrition challenge starts on November 5th, 2018. Why not start your transformation now? There's not better time than the present.

Happiest of Mondays my strong, badass, worthy humans!