Stoked is the new skinny


I'm in the lifelong process of recovering from my limiting beliefs... aren't we all? Since the sale of my brick and mortar fitness studio in October 2018 I've been working hard on myself and how to move through these limiting beliefs so I can show up as my truest stoked self. Today I'm sharing a great Practice of recognizing what is getting in your way of feeling stoked so you can start bringing more of that sweetness into your life.

The harder the struggle the sweeter triumph, the higher your sense of stoke. 

With my online wellness company, Swellness, I get to work and connect with truly amazing individuals that add so much value to this holistic fitness and mindset program. A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to interview and collaborate with Dr. Lindsay Sewall from Shift Psychological in Calgary to work on some mindset content for my online fitness and mindset subscription program called the Practice. We did an entire month of audio mindset lessons on this concept of "Joy" or as us surfers call it, STOKE.

When you listen to this free audio mindset lesson, Dr. Lindsay Sewall opens by saying "we're not supposed to feel happy all of the time" and talks about how she doesn't agree with the concept of happiness. WHAT? Hold tight, you'll get it in a second. She goes on to explain how the pressure we self inflict by chasing after this feeling of happiness creates a lot of stress which is getting in our way of feeling stoked in the moments we could be. I had a mini meltdown this weekend in the mountains where I noticed myself in this pressure cooker and as a result have felt more stressed and anxious than I need to be. You've been there right? I haven't allowed myself to acknowledge everything I have accomplished up to this point in building out this new business, which totally got in my way of feeling stoked and celebrate the wins I've had, big or small... something a lot of us "perfectionists" do.

This used to happen a lot in the water. If I went for a wave and bit it, I would fixate on all of the reasons why I am not good enough to be out there verses being stoked on the smaller waves that I was crushing. My "limiting belief" being "I'm not good enough", was then constantly reinforced every time I would paddle for a wave leaving me feeling defeated and NOT stoked. Totally not the point of surfing.

These limiting beliefs can snowball and get in the way of you feeling the stoke of what you've accomplished leaving you feeling like I did in the ocean, defeated. Over the last decade as a health coach I've seen a lot of this. If I'm someone who is trying to lose weight and my belief is I'm not good enough or I'm incapable and I didn't lose 5 lbs in my first week of changing my eating and exercising, I am fueling that belief of being incapable of losing weight and then I quit. Instead, what I should be focusing on is feeling stoked on those micro wins. I maybe didn't lose the 5 lbs this week but I did get to bed earlier, I have more energy, I feel better in my body now that I'm eating better and exercising more, I am stoked that I made it through week one of this shift in my life. Those micro moments of feeling stoked on your accomplishments will lead you to the results you want, but you have to work at it, stick with it and celebrate it.

So let the feeling of stoke be the new "skinny" in your life. Stop chasing after the surface level goals and go deep, move through your limiting beliefs, allow yourself to access and feel those moments of stoke and the results will follow.

If you want to do some more work on limiting beliefs, Dr. Lindsay Sewall has some great questions in our free mindset lesson. Plug in to this audio lesson on your commute today or when you have a spare second and start that shift into feeling stoked.

Put this Practice of moving through your limiting beliefs into action and come on our next SRF Vacation, the stoke is high on these 7 day retreats in our surf and fitness vacations. Details on the Costa Rica 2018 trip can be found here.

Adios for now,