The key to being unfuckwithable


This year has brought forward many many lessons and challenges that one day I'm excited to share in a book. In the meantime, blogs like today's will just have to do ;) One of my lovely instructors from my previously owned Fitness Studio gifted me a frame with this amazing quote:

"She was unfuckwithable not because she did not have faults or fears, but because she continued on despite them". 

I'm FULL of faults and fears, I mean we all are because we're human. There were a lot of moments this year that I felt like my faults and fears were almost consuming me. Preventing me from moving forward and living up to my fullest potential. Until I practiced what I'm about to share with you, I felt totally frozen and sometimes still am. If you've ever felt this way, then read on....

A great question to ask yourself is, "in one year from now, what mattered more? What I worried about or what I made happen?".

What I've realized in this year of self growth and development is that we can either spend our time wallowing, playing a victim, or being re-traumatized by what's happened to us OR we can finally set it free. We let go by observing what's happened without such a strong attachment and tight grip. If we can distance ourselves just a little bit from what we make any challenge or limitation mean in our life, we can move forward with a bit more ease.

Woah.... it's that easy?

Well no, not at all. Definitely not easy, but definitely worth it. This takes a ton of practice and commitment to ease our tendency to control everything. If we allow ourselves to play a student role in our lives or to be the observer, we simply see experiences for what they are... experiences. The result is being able to handle challenges, setbacks, painful experiences, loss and more with a little less anxiety and become more resilient.

What if the next time you are faced with a challenge you asked yourself "what can I learn from this"  verses trying to control the situation? How would that create a shift in your mindset and mental well being? What could you gain from this Practice? In my opinion, you can gain everything and you practice being unfuckwithable....

Remember, you already have the answers within. You just need to get out of your own way and access it.

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Now, go be your badass, unfuckwithable self and see you next time,