Top 5 Things you can do to get back on the wagon ;)


Getting back into the routine after a long Summer of hot days in the sun, patio drinks and vacation can be challenging. Whether you are joining me for my 6 week #surferstrong challenge (which I hope you do!) or not, here are 5 things you can do to get back into your fitness and wellness routine:

  1. #1 PRIORITY=YOU! Make yourself a priority. You wouldn’t stand up your best friend, so why would you bail on yourself? Get your scheduler out now and block off time for you. If you are joining our challenge starting on August 20th, you're going to want to block off up to 30 minutes a day 5-6 days a week for your workouts and mindset exercises. Tell your family, or your partner, whoever needs to know that you’ve made this commitment so you can do you without any guilt.  Consider this time for yourself as important as a meeting would be if you were scheduled to meet with the most important person in your life.
  2. SHARE YOUR GOAL- If you don't have a goal in mind yet, why not start now? Your goal doesn't have to be about losing weight. For example, my new fitness goal is to get more mobility in my hips and spine, and strengthen my shoulders so I can surf better! Once you have your goal, start spreading the stoke now and get support from the people around you. When you share your goal with others, you are more likely to succeed. So, when you have your goal in mind, go online and share it with the world. Make sure to tag @mchap12 (your host), and don’t forget to use the #surferstrong. We’d love to cheer you on!
  3. RECRUIT A #SURFERSTRONG CREW- Get a buddy to join you and do the #surferstrong challenge together. This is another level of accountability, if you know this challenge is going to be tough to do this on your own and think it would be better to have a friend/partner/colleague/department at work support you, then do it! Together, we truly are stronger. Make sure to choose someone who will elevate you and inspire you to stay on track, not someone who will derail you. Until August 10th, 2018 you and a friend can join for $25USD vs. $60USD AND get a month of The Practice after the challenge is done. Click here to get your hands on our limited time offer!
  4. FIGURE OUT YOUR WHY- There is a bigger reason why you want to make a change in your life and get back into a routine again. This reason is deeper than losing a pant size (that’s still nice but… ), it will impact you in a much more meaningful way. This reason or M.O will help carry you through those tough days when you might feel like giving up. So, figure out WHY you are actually doing the challenge. Is it to look good on the beach or something bigger than that? Keeping a commitment to yourself? Following through with something? Doing something just for you? What is it.
  5. GET IN THE CHALLENGE MINDSET- Our #surferstrong challenge mindset is totally different than most challenges. Check your ego and start listening to your body. Prepare mentally for this to be a challenging yet transformative experience if you stay committed. Make sure you take rest when you need to, even if the day calls for a workout but your body is saying hells no. We don’t want you burning out or risking an injury. Focus on what’s important which is your own experience, try not to compare yourself, or where you are at in the challenge to others, this is your adventure own it. Our community is here to support, uplift and empower you, so be ready to cheer on a fellow surferstrong crew member.

There you have it, 5 waves of wisdom you can use whether you are about to crush this challenge with us, or use it every day. Remember, the Big Island #surferstrong challenge is erupting on August 20th, only one week away. If you’re ready to paddle out into the challenge but you haven’t yet signed up, or you want to know more click here.

Adios for now,