Transform your travel experience and transform yourself


I know I am not alone in seeking out unique ways to meet like minded people, immerse myself in new cultures and to use travel as an opportunity not just to let loose, but to grow and expand who I am and my perspective in life. From the time I was a little girl travelling with my family, to now, I've developed a hunger to explore, to experience the unknown and unfamiliar. I've traveled the world extensively over the last 13 years, and there is absolutely no shortage of places I still can't wait to explore or would even return to. Some of my favourites are surf and safariing around South Africa, overwater hutting in Bora-Bora, diving with whale sharks in Mozambique and most recently, trekking around Iceland.

It's funny looking back on those early days when I was 19 travelling Europe and the hot spots in Mexico and to acknowledge the shift in my motivation and what drives me to travel. It's no longer about what coastal city has the best bar scene or how cheap of an all inclusive deal I can find. Travel has now become about seizing the opportunity to grow exponentially as a person. To fully experience a completely different culture and leave the distractions of home behind, while making the life-long connections with like-minded people is what I love most about travelling today. It's about feeling that inner freedom and fulfillment that can be so hard to get when your bogged down in the office grinding out the same old routine. I can honestly say that the biggest gains whether personally or professionally stemmed from a travel experience when I was far far away completely out of my comfort zone.

This is exactly why I started SRF Vacations back in 2016 and am excited to support our friends at Unsettled. Whether you only have a week to escape, or you have a full month to live, work and adventure away we have you covered. I am excited to share a special discount with you to either Vacation with SRF Vacations or Retreat with Unsettled so you too can embrace the unknown and see where the gift of travel takes you.

Life's a process; there's no destination.  And it's the constant journey of growth and discovery that keeps us venturing on.

Don’t fear the unknown. Embrace it.- Unsettled

So let me tell you a little bit about both opportunities.

For all of you business owners, friends in transition, or those of you who just need a reset button Bali and Medellin is calling. Coming up rather soon is the Unsettled Bali and Medellin live/work/adventure retreats in August. I know it's coming up quick but if you have flexibility and are looking to invest back in yourself, network with some amazing creatives from around the world, then I would highly recommend checking out this experience. Take this opportunity to live and work remotely in one of these amazing destinations, experience workshops for both personal & professional development and meet some amazing entrepreneurs who are all looking to shake things up out of the office to come home refreshed, re-energized and excited to take on the world. What are you waiting for? Apply now at the unsettled website.

The guys at Unsettled have generously given me a discount code to offer to any of my people, and well you're reading this so consider yourself part of the crew. Ready?! Use the code "MAL-UNSETTLED", and you'll get $200 off your booking! 

Now, if August doesn't work with your schedule, or you are looking for more of a wellness/surf vibe vacation and less of a work related retreat, then check out Costa Rica with me on October 28th-November 4th 2018 in beautiful Este Esterillos. Leave the headache of planning a vacation and let us take care of every detail for you. Get a week in this tropical paradise in our oceanfront accommodations and immerse yourself in discovering what balance really feels like. Experience daily fitness sessions, surf lessons, local Costa Rican cuisine, adventure in Monkey Groves and more. All you need to do is take care of your flight, leave the rest to me. Sounds like a fit? Apply now at the SRF Vacation website.

Get $200 off your booking for the SRF Vacation if you register by August 1st, 2018, we only require a deposit to secure your spot.  

So, what is stopping you from breaking free from your norm and taking the chance to transform while you travel? To return home better than you left in the best version of yourself.

Now go explore, grow and create something new!

Adios for now,