Treading water or riding that wave?


Do you ever feel like you're just treading water? Trying to keep your head above the danger zone, exhausting yourself doing the same thing over and over to keep you afloat.... Raise your hand (I've got mine up!). The one question that's helped me go from treading water to riding one hell of a wave is looking at:

"what scares me about moving away from where I am today?". 

Most of the time, the answer plain and simple and it has something to do with doubt or fear.

I'm scared of failing.

What will others think of me?

Can I even do this?

Am I fraud? 

.... insert whatever self doubt thoughts you have here.

Create some awareness around what's really keeping you from moving away from that comfortable, cushy known place in your life that ISN'T giving you the results you want and find the bravery to explore the unknown. You'll go from being the treading master like I was, to riding the waves of inner freedom, acceptance, motivation and more.

So.... what scares you about moving away from where you are today?

Are you willing to move through moments of being uncomfortable, places that are unfamiliar to help you get to where you want to be?

If yes, there's a few places you can start and areas I can help! You can check out my 6 week online holistic health and fitness challenge with starting November 5th or you can schedule a consultation to see if I'm the right fit for your needs!

Thanks for tuning in, until next time ;)