What you're missing out on by overlooking owning your success


Adding to last week's blog post on self worth, acceptance and all of that good stuff today I'm going to share some insights on owning your success. How many of you have had to pinch yourself thinking you are dreaming? Questioning how did I do this, or how did I get here? Is this too good to be true? Or, you've just completely overlooked the success you've achieved because you're already onto the next thing. DON'T DO IT! You're missing out on a few important things... you accomplishing something, what it took to get there and practicing gratitude which all give you momentum to keep crushing it and do amazing things in your life.

I'll be honest, I am totally guilty of both scenarios for sure. For me, I get uncomfortable recognizing or acknowledging success because of the whole self worth and deserving thing or thinking that the accomplishment wasn't big enough to celebrate and that I need to do more. As a result I tend to feel like I've a) accomplished nothing and I am a failure when that's not the case, b) I push until I burn out, or c) reinforce the false thought that I'm not enough or I'm not deserving. It's like the feeling of being underwater, fighting to get to the surface to take the biggest breath in but exhausting yourself before you get there.

I think back to the very first time I stood up on a surfboard when I was 19. It's pretty damn hard to get up your first time on a surfboard, if you haven't done it don't under estimate how challenging this actually is. I remember getting up, brushing it off like it was nothing and just kept going and going and going until I was so exhausted I could hardly float to shore. This was the perfect example of how I looked at bigger "successes" in my life. Starting a fitness studio then selling it. Traveled the world (and continue to do so). Making it to the premier soccer league as a teen. Buying my dream home. Being a lululemon ambassador. Completing a half ironman while running a business and crushing my time. Launching and running a retreat business. Starting a new online business. I can keep going, but I won't! Owning your success is nothing to be ashamed of or underestimate. It comes with recognizing your worth and believing you are enough which takes practice, but you can get there. I remember the moment I moved from that negative headspace of being undeserving, like what I've accomplished wasn't enough and being unworthy to saying out loud... "holy s#it, I f@cking did this.... I am actually living my dream...wow". I burst into tears of gratitude for everyone who supported me in this journey, tears of joy, and embraced the overwhelming feeling that ran through my body like a volcano erupting of excitement... excitement for what I made possible. excitement knowing that I can make anything happen if I really want it. Now, as I continue to say over and over this is a practice. Are there days when I forget, or choose to focus on the shadow over my successes? Of course, I'm human. We all have our down days, but knowing we can always get back to that positive place is reassuring. Hopefully, you can use the tips below to get back to that place of recognition and gratitude.

So what do we miss out on if we don't own our success or recognize our accomplishments? Below are some examples of how to own it.

  • when adversity strikes, you might give up easier or quicker because you haven't acknowledged the strengths and skills you built from the last time you overcame this challenge. So pause. Reflect. What strengths and skills have you acquired from the success you've built?
  • by not practicing gratitude for what you've achieved you'll lose positive momentum within your own mindset but maybe effect others around you by not acknowledging their part in your success. What are you grateful for in the process of achieving this success, big or small? Who are you grateful for in the process of helping you achieve this success, big or small? Write it down and be sure to share it with the person who deserves to know their part!
  • you'll continue to set the bar higher and higher until you run out of energy to try and hit it. Are you continually nudging the bar higher and higher? What can you be satisfied with that you've accomplished up to this point?
  • you're missing out on all the magic that is happening in this present moment because you are too busy thinking about what's next. What success big or small can you celebrate RIGHT NOW. 

I hope this small mindset break serves you in seeing how fu@king awesome you really are and all of the success you can own today and in this moment. If you feel compelled to share your success (big or small), I'd love to hear it on social media! Just tag @mchap12 and @swellness.co and I'll see it ;)

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Mahalo and stay swell!