What's Next for Mallory Chapman?


Just over one week ago I announced the sale of my business; Studio Revolution Fitness in Calgary, Alberta. A 3.5 year journey that has given me so much joy and purpose has come to a crossroads for a multitude of circumstances that were out of my control.

As someone who preaches and encourages clients to see the opportunity within obstacles I am practicing just that.

Over the last few days since the sale of my business went public, I've received an overwhelming amount of responses in regards to the impact we've made in this City. With that has come a lot of questions around what is next for Mallory Chapman? Outside of supporting the new owner in her transition, there is a bit of uncertainty but excitement for what is next. I have many ideas of how I can take what I've learned over the last few years and make it even more accessible to the world and not be limited by four walls and Calgary.

I would be honoured to keep in touch with you to keep you informed as I become more clear as to what is next for Mallory Chapman. If you are a business owner, someone on their health journey or a curious world explorer I know there is a future together.

Fill out the form below and let's embark on the next chapter together!

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