When you feel like quitting... ask yourself this one question


Why did you start in the first place? I should end the blog post here, but I will give you a little more context to this question to help you move through today's mindset break.

I know I'm not the only person who gets super excited about tackling something new... Whether it's a new fitness routine, a new recipe, new project, whatever. Do you ever get bored, frustrated or just want to change direction shortly after getting into it? Guilty.

Take painting a room for example. I used to LOVE painting my bedroom when I was growing up. I'd get excited going to the store, picking the colour or dreaming up some crazy pattern to slap on the wall, picking up the supplies then after about 30 minutes of rolling paint onto the wall I'd get so over it and want to quit or move onto the next thing. My M.O really wasn't overly meaningful for wanting a little bit of a refreshed look in my bedroom and that's why it was so easy for me to just move on before I was even close to being done.

Now, let's go through a different example. This quote, "When you feel like quitting, remember why you started" was PLASTERED all over my fitness studio walls as a constant reminder for me, my team and my clients to think about their why and the bigger purpose and motivation behind their commitment. About 8000 people saw this message over the years I owned the studio, but how many of them really thought about it? It's so easy for us to quit early, to move through our day without intention or connection to the bigger meaning behind what we're committing to. So let's get you to a place of awareness and clarity so when you ask this question of "when you feeling like quitting, why did you start in the first place?", you can anchor to something more meaningful or just move on without feeling overly frustrated or bad about that decision.

Personally, I can't tell you how many times I was in that studio sometimes until 3-4 in the morning usually with a box of pizza and a bottle of wine, totally overworked and exhausted staring at that wall asking myself that same question. Or, being a student in one of my instructors classes, and on my third set of mountain climbers on a surfboard asking myself that same question ;) I did A LOT of work on my purpose over the years so luckily I could pull myself out of the negative spiral I was in. My why behind my business was helping Calgarian's live the most free and fulfilled life they could by providing a space, a surf inspired escape, a team and community that would inspire them to do so. My why is and always will be beyond my own personal benefit, I do what I do for the greater good. Today, I replace "Calgary" with the world with the work I do in my online wellness programs. Every time I get mad or frustrated and want to toss in the towel, I remember how unbelievable it feels to help just one person, and that for me is enough to outweigh any negative, self defeating thoughts that enter my mind.

Everyday presents new challenges and obstacles that are simply just learning experiences if you can see it that way. Regardless of your point of view of how you see challenges and obstacles, you need to know your why and the purpose behind what you've invested your time/energy/heart and soul into to make it through.

Those of you who are wrapping up my 6 week online challenge, you should be thinking about the deeper why of the goal you initially set. What beyond a new set of abs is going to motivate you to keep up your strong routine you've worked hard at developing?

Those of you who are being challenged at work in your career path, are entrepreneurs or business owners, why do you do what you do? What is the higher purpose you are serving? Is it enough for you?

Those of you who are contemplating a big change in your life, but haven't quite got there yet... why will this next "thing or change" matter? What bigger reason is underneath this decision to do X?

I hope this small mindset break helps you in this discovery phase of going deeper with your why and purpose and will get you through some turbulent times. If you feel compelled to share your why, I’d love to hear it on social media! Just tag @mchap12 and @swellness.co and I’ll see it 😉

If you’re craving a more in depth conversation, I’d love to connect to see if I’m a fit to support you in your wellness or business adventure. Check out my new services and book your free 15 minute consultation, or I’ve got an exciting wholistic online wellness challenge coming up soon! Check it out here!

Mahalo and stay swell!