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Get your bullshit meter out, is your drive for “success” your # 1 self sabotage strategy?

Are you someone who constantly tweaks or ends up redoing or scrapping what you’re working on and has a hard time following through with what you’ve committed to? You spend more time procrastinating with perfectionism which is crushing your productivity. Sound familiar? Balancing ambition with contentment can be the key to your success, but can be hard to practice if you have perfectionistic tendencies. Learn more about the why we tend to fall into the perfection trap and how to get out so you can be the most productive, efficient and badass version of yourself!

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Confession time| Let’s talk about boundary busting behavior and how this badass business owner changed her boundary game that changed her business

Do you ever say yes to something someone asks you to do only to find yourself muttering resentfully in your mind “why the hell did I say yes to this?”. If you’re reading this, I know that time and energy are already two of your biggest “roadblocks” to your goals. As is with almost 100% of my clients. So why the hell are you giving your time and energy (that’s running a deficit) to sh*t you don’t want to do?! Read more and learn how you can stop bending your boundaries for others needs.

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Why comparison is lethal to your success. Shift your mindset, shift your profits.

Do you catch yourself feeling like everyone else is crushing the very things you want to achieve? Only they seem to be doing it faster and somehow more effortlessly than you can?!….. PREACH! Read more about how you can shift your mindset to success!

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