A New Years Ritual That Will Set You Up For An Epic 2019

Each year I sit down and do this exact exercise. It is an opportunity to reflect,  to observe and look into the past year for what it gifted you... even if it felt really hard. Why is this beneficial?

Well, we often forget or overlook how much we've actually been through... how many wins we've had.... how much we've endured. When we don't recognize what we've been through we continue to fall victim to similar lessons in our life. Trust me when I say that when an obstacle presents itself to you, you've likely already overcome or worked through it (this time it just might look a little different than the last). When you recognize where you've been you can charge ahead with confidence and empowerment knowing you got this.

Make yourself a warm cup of something soothing. Light some candles or incense and find a quiet space. Get a journal or a pen and do the following exercise:

Step 1: On December 30th or early on the 31st write a farewell letter to 2018.

As you write this letter reflect on:

  • what major shifts happened in your life?
  • what lessons were present for you and how did you move through that challenging time?
  • what did it take for you to get through it?
  • what unfinished “business” do you have that you want to release?
  • what are you grateful for? 

Step 2: On January 1st write a welcome letter to 2019.

As you write this letter, consider the following:

  • what you want to invite into your life this year? An emotion, a state of mind, a direction but avoid materialistic things (this can set you up to fail... example: I want a new house, you lose your job and get set back and no new house... however if you wrote down I want to invite in more space in my life that could mean personal time, maybe creating your own space within yourself instead of externally).
  • ask yourself where you might have been holding yourself back in the past?
  • what stories or limiting beliefs are you holding onto that are not serving you?
  • how will you maximize your potential this year, the last year of this decade?
  • Are you willing to move through those stories and limiting beliefs to really show up this year?

Okay friends, it’s time to start playing big in your life! Enjoy this little exercise and happy early new year!