Choose the life you want to live


It's been an absolute whirlwind since I landed just one week ago today in the beautiful country of Nicaragua. I've filmed over 96 video clips in one week, did two audio interviews with amazing inspiring wellness and nutrition practitioners and got to surf 5 days so far. I won't lie I've got the itch to get back out in the water which hopefully I will today as the swell is finally coming in! WOOP WOOP! Despite all of the productivity on this trip, I took a minute to do some reflection this morning after I finished filming some cool downs and yin movements with Kelly Ann Williams from Aqua Wellness.

There are some pretty profound breakthroughs that have already happened on this journey, and I'm really excited to share them with you in hopes that they inspire you:

  1. When you least expect it a complete miracle can happen: After a much needed break, I had a night out salsa dancing with the crew a Rise Up Resort, needless to say I was feeling a bit tired the next day in our surf session. I honestly felt like I have NEVER surfed in my life. I grabbed the biggest board I could find, putting my ego aside. After bailing countless times, getting frustrated and borderline ready to quit, I paddled out towards the line up, saw a beautiful left start to form. I turned my board around and went for it. I caught THE longest left I have ever ridden in my life, close to 150 meters long... puuuuure bliss. I was cheering the entire ride and had the biggest smile on my face. The crew at Rise Up said it was the longest left they'd seen anyone ride at Punto Aponsentillo... they might have just been saying that to be nice but I'll take it ;) Just when I was about to throw the towel in for the day, that happened. There are days when we all feel like completely giving up, but sometimes when you least expect it something amazing is around the corner. It's a choice to be persistent and not give up.
  2. You live the life you want by choice not by chance: The exact life that I've been manifesting for close to a year now is unfolding in front of me. The photo in this post couldn't be any closer to the vision I saw in my creation meditation I did on January 1st which is when I started to create The Practice. I literally burst into tears when I arrived to my beautiful luxury suite at Aqua Wellness Resort because my vision came to life. Nothing is just handed to you, you need to send energy and love into what you really want your life to look like. You need to make those conscious steps and decisions to get there. In my case, I had to make the choice to work through the pain, the grief, loss, and anxiety to come out stronger and more courageous to live this life, to create this masterpiece.
  3. Be humble and grateful: There have been so many moments in Nicaragua where I am just blown away at the great divide in society between 1st world and 3rd world. As I traveled in my private shuttle with my portable wifi, working away on my laptop on my 6 hour drive from Rise Up to Aqua Wellness, I pass horses and carriages, wild pigs and livestock on the highways, homes that consist of a sheet of tin and some sticks. When I leave my luxury resort grounds at Aqua Wellness to scope out the nearest surf spot called Amarilla, I walk through the community of Playa Gigante. As I make my way to the beach, I get smiles and friendly hola's from the locals who appear to have absolutely nothing. It's truly humbling to see that more isn't necessarily better. I come from a world where materialism and consumerism is of high value, but here it's about familia and having a strong connection to the things in life that come naturally, like mother nature and the people around you. I am grateful to live in this space where the two worlds collide yet we can all connect on the same level in sharing gratitude for the things we have and the people who make our lives rich. I hope you can make a conscious choice to be grateful and humble for what you have and the people who are in your life.

I cannot believe this is just the first week of my journey, I can't wait to share all of the amazing stories and lessons that are still to come.

Stay well!