Alright, this blog is a little bit on the intimate and serious side so bare with me. I'll be taking you on a bit of a tour of my childhood to now and how The Practice was born. It's funny how messages you are exposed to as a child can turn into deeply routed beliefs about yourself. If you're lucky enough, those beliefs can stick with you your whole life.

For me, a magic formula that consisted of timing, messaging, influence and reinforcement led me to this belief of "I'm not ____ enough" which today has turned into the development of The Practice.

The reason why earlier I said "if you're lucky enough" is because for me, this idea of "I'm not _____ enough" actually was a gift that now I get to share with the entire world to empower and elevate women. Not deflate them. Had I not developed this belief about myself, I wouldn't have done the work over the last decade (and continue to do so) to share my experience and now expertise in my new online wellness program.

For me, that magic formula happened when I was about 9 years old as I followed my older sisters footsteps whom I idolized as she would workout daily to Abs of Steel and Tae Bo VHS tapes (I know.... I still love abs). I obsessed over the perfection I saw in magazines like Shape wishing one day I'd look like the airbrushed models. Then the belief of not being enough was reinforced by being bullied at school for being "overweight" as I was tackled in the playground by a group of boys who shoved grass in my mouth yelling "feed the cow grass".... yep.

All of this led to what I'm sure a lot of us go through which is a skewed image of who we are and what we're truly capable of. Eventually the way I saw myself ended up leading to an eating disorder in my early teens which thankfully I successfully have put to rest, however struggle with everyday especially as a leader in this industry.

The concept of The Practice was born when my 9 year old self was first exposed to "never being enough" and then developed when I decided I'm sick of feeling this way and I really want to impact the way the world see's themselves, feel's in their bodies and is inspired.

I'm tired of being "inspired" by leaders in this industry who post selfies in their sports bras sharing some bull shit quote that we've all heard over and over. I'm tired of being told in order to feel good you need to live a life of restriction and workout an excessive amount. Tired of seeing influencers post "workout" videos of the impossible thinking that's going to motivate the average person to move. Tired of hearing people say they aren't worth it, that they're not enough. My commitment to you is creating a different approach than this, one I know that can make a difference.

After the sale of my business, I went surfing in Nicaragua and my guide called me out on continuously backing off the wave even though I was in the right position ready to take it. I was afraid of committing because the wave looked like something I couldn't handle. I could. I just didn't believe it. When we had a beer after our surf he asked where in my life am I backing away from committing to the things I can handle but I don't believe I can. Well.... The Practice was it. Committing to putting myself out there in an incredibly vulnerable way to create change in the world is one of the scariest things I can think of doing.... oh then we mix technology in there. Something I'm clearly not an expert in. Let's not forget that I just sold my business of 4 years which was like my child... let's just say not under my circumstances in October. Timing wise working through the grief and loss I was experiencing while creating a program like this was interesting....however the potential results I can play a part in creating in the world is 120% worth it and I can't wait!

The Practice is my commitment to creating a space where we can surround ourselves with healthier beliefs and influencers that serve us not set us back. The reinforcement I hope you get is feeling a difference your body, mind and in turn your entire life. Maybe even being a witness to change in another #practicepossy members life.

The Practice is a surf inspired online wellness program that is approachable for all levels of fitness. You need to have a willingness to move forward in your life and bring an open mindset. You need to be ready to commit. The rest, you can leave to me.

I'll be giving a live online tour of the first Chapter of the Practice called "Commitment" on Instagram page on Saturday February 10th at 11:11 am. Just 4 days before Valentines day where we focus our energy on loving someone else, let's get in the Practice of loving ourselves. I'd be honoured if you joined me as I show you what commitment is all about and how the program works.

Thanks for tuning in to this honest insiders novel of my life hahah!

Yours truly,