When you strip it all down, all we have in life is our experiences, our people and our selves. These are the things that help shape our life and make us feel full or empty. This weekend, stop and be thankful for the people that co-create the beautiful life we have and be grateful for all that you are not what you don't have. There are a lot of people in this world that struggle to see a negative experience as something that could be positive or create fullness in their life. In Calgary specifically, you might be coping with a job loss, a family loss, a relationship loss, whatever the loss might be I am challenging you to make a shift in how you feel about it.

Try to embrace and welcome every experience in your life, the good and the painful from a place of gratitude, fullness, abundance (not lack). Each experience builds the strong, resilient fearless human you are.

As I had my morning coffee with my husband we reflected on just that. Trevor talked about the thanksgiving he had 24 years ago when he lost his Mom to cancer. At the time, just being 13 years old Trevor didn't realize how this traumatic and painful life experience would shape the amazing man he is today. Life always seems to have a way of preparing you for what is next, you just need to be open enough to accepting how that lesson(s) might show up. Had Trevor not lost his Mom (especially at such a highly critical developmental time in his life) he likely wouldn't have been able to overcome the many challenges that he's conquered and I certainly wouldn't have been able to survive this last year without him as my rock and guiding light.

I am incredibly full of gratitude for having this strong, resilient and fearless man as my husband and soul mate. This week we celebrated our 12th year together in the city he proposed in and shared the most amazing concert experience at Coldplay to the song we shared our first dance at our wedding. The experience was one I will never forget. Feeling the energy of 70,000 people light up the stadium, all singing to the song Yellow as tears streamed down our faces.

So, fill yourselves up beyond turkey and pumpkin pie and be grateful for the experiences (good and bad), the people in your life and your selves this Thanksgiving.