How my last Fitness Challenge changed a Dr's Life


"Time, there's never enough time!”. Those were once the words and perceptions of one of our #surferstrong challenge crew members from our May/June challenge. “Looking back now, what seemed impossible before, actually just took a few shifts in mindset and daily habits"- Dr. Kuret.  Let me introduce you to the lovely Dr. Kuret. She is a very inspiring woman, beautiful wife, amazing mother of two young children, an incredibly successful Doctor in Maternal Fetal Medicine in Calgary and a leader in her field.

To say that this woman has a busy life and has A LOT to manage is an understatement. She would have had every reason to push off her own needs to make everyone else a priority, and well, until the last #surferstrong challenge that was the case in a lot of instances.

If you’re a surfer or you’ve tried it, sometimes the hardest part is paddling out. Taking the first step to make that bold action and jump with both feet in can be terrifying, but the end result is always worth it. It doesn’t mean that the paddle out to the lineup is going to be smooth and calm. There will be moments where you are going to feel like quitting, like giving up, you might compare yourself to others…. and at any moment… a breakthrough can happen. All of the sudden you are on top of the world because you made it, you see and feel your hard work pay off. That’s what we mean by being “surferstrong”. It’s the mentality we carry with us when it gets tough, when you feel like you can’t take one more paddle. Being “surferstrong” is not just about the physical gains, it’s the mindset shifts that happen as a result of being resilient and fearless. “The harder the struggle, the sweeter the triumph, the higher your sense of stoke”.- Mallory Chapman


It was such an incredible honour to have watched Vreni’s success unfold in just 30 days. Seeing Vreni step completely out of her comfort zone to her edge and hearing her breakthroughs is what makes me so proud and happy to have the privilege to do what I do for a living. Feeling as inspired as we are? I know, she’s awesome…. and you can do it too.


What once seemed impossible for Dr. Kuret became not just a possibility, but her new norm. Looser fitting clothes, more energy, a stronger mindset and a lifestyle where fitness is as part of her day as brushing her teeth.


These are just a few “gains” Vreni is celebrating. Our next #surferstrong challenge is erupting on August 20th, 2018. Check out our upcoming #surferstrong challenge details by clicking hereand get your early bird spot now, until August 10th, 2018 you can get our 6 week fitness challenge for $25USD instead of $60USD. Get the deal here!