Is 2019 ready for YOU? How to revolutionize your business

It starts with you. Yep that's right, the last place you might think to focus on when it comes to growing your business is on yourself. Make the last year of this decade one to remember! You were the one who took brave action to start your dream business a few years ago anticipating the journey to be an adventurous one…. but when is the grind going to slow down?

When can you finally start reclaim your life?

When can you feel like you can move from surviving to thriving in your business and in your life? The answer is now, but you need to make that conscious choice.

You could say that I’ve earned my MBA after building 5 successful companies in the ultra competitive health and wellness industry over the last 7  years. Having successfully navigated the process of starting, growing and selling a business I’ve learned a few key lessons in the many failures and successes. Having learned some of these key lessons the hard way, it is my mission to give female entrepreneurs the knowledge and insight to build their emotional resiliency in their business and life or as I like to call it “presilience” so when the tough times hit you can bounce back even stronger and quicker.

I've teamed up with the Ace Class for a 90 day coaching program that will take you, that badass female entrepreneur to your fullest potential.

My 90-day coaching program integrates self-care and making yourself a priority so that you can make your business a priority… effectively.

I’ll be covering topics centred around a theme of emotional management, this program integrates health, wellness and mindfulness.

By addressing the areas of your life that can often be neglected, you will develop the emotional resilience necessary to show up in all areas of your life.

Join me for a free orientation event on Saturday January 26th from 9:00- 11:00am (location TBA) as I share more details about the 90 day program and introduce the key concepts of the coaching program. 

This program kicks off in-person on Saturday, February 9th from 9-11am (location TBA). There’s only 20 spots available in this session – take control of your future today.

Find out more or register for the orientation session or 90 day program here. 


✔ An orientation session

✔ A ½ day kickoff workshop, live and in person with your coach, that will set the stage for the growth to come

✔ Weekly virtual touch base with Mallory

✔ A monthly 90-minute call with Mallory and a cohort of women that are at a similar stage of their journey and are facing the same challenges as you

✔ A total of 20 hours with a professional business coach (A $3,000 value)

✔ A Three Month individual membership in The Ace Class (A $90 value)

*This price includes the orientation session and confirms your spot in both the orientation and the program.

So don't ask yourself am I ready for 2019..... ask yourself 2019 are you ready for me? Let's do this!