Not sure what other word I could use to describe how I feel today. Today marks the first day as Mallory Chapman, not the CEO of Studio Revolution Fitness. Weird! It's funny because I have been so scared to feel what today could bring for such a long time. I have been running on shear adrenaline and in survival mode since August 5th, 2017. The last 56 days have been "I just need to get through today", "I just need to get through this week", and when yesterday hit I wasn't sure if I wanted to get through anything.... Just embrace it and be as present as possible. Before I knew it, I was in my last surf savasana ever, sharing my final words to my community and family.

Normally on Sunday's I am getting my plan and music together for my 12:00 pm and 1:15 pm classes and prepping for a hectic week to come. The reality was very real today that what I spent the last 3.5 years building is now a legacy and memory in our hearts. Oddly enough, this morning I woke up, feeling far from scared..... I feel.... inspired? Beyond a few glasses of champagne last night, about 4 hours of teaching or partaking in SURFSET classes,  and hyping up our crowds from 8:30 am to 1:30 am I should be feeling a bit worse.

After rolling out of bed, I immediately went straight to my beautiful basket that my team gifted me with and started opening cards from my family (the SRF team), dear clients, and my community partners like lululemon, sucre, ollia, the juice shop and more. I then went online after being on a hiatus yesterday to see what the world of instagram had to offer and... Woah... like seriously. I guess sometimes tragedy has to strike in order for you to see what your legacy meant to the world.

To feel #blessed is a HUGE understatement. To feel this amount of love in my body and in my heart is something I didn't know was possible. I'm in inspired because all of you helped me acknowledge the confidence and strength I have within to create what is next.   Each and everyone of you showed me in writing, in person or by some form of contact what is possible. So ironically enough, you unlocked MY fullest potential and have opened me up to infinite opportunity. That's supposed to be my purpose, so thank you for gifting that back to me. I feel like there is a volcano of excitement erupting inside of me as I think about what is around the corner.

For this I am full of excitement, freedom, fulfillment, success and LOVE.

First, it's time to chill the F out.... stay tuned as the journey continues!