Lower your stress levels and hit your peak in 3 simple ways


More now than ever, we are more anxious, stressed and depressed, which leads to a whole other bag of issues. Today, I am going to share how I went from adrenal fatigue and having abnormally high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, to today where I am a very stoked, strong and healthy woman. Read on and give these 3 tips a try! Owning a business is incredibly stressful. When you pair the normal stressors of running and building a business with the added physical stress of the job I have, your adrenals and cortisol levels can get a little worn out. Shortly after I opened my fitness studio back in 2014 I started feeling faint, short of breath, incredibly exhausted, heart rates were skyrocketing and dropping to 36 BPM within seconds, I felt lethargic and completely brain dead. I was working anywhere from 10-16 hour days combined with teaching 2-3 hours of high intensity fitness classes each day.YIKES.

As as result I was gaining weight instead of losing it. I was sleeping like total garbage. My confidence was depleting. My team, clients and business were only getting a partially present version of myself. I was on the edge of adrenal fatigue and had cortisol levels that were through the roof. Everything suffered. To say the least, I was f@c*ed. I went through a lot of different testing and nothing other than the Doctor telling me “you need to slow down and de-stress” is what came out of it…. “Sure Doc, I’ll get right on it” says, Mallory of 2014.  

Looking back now, I would say that not making my health a priority was one of my biggest mistakes. Without a fully functioning, present and thriving version of yourself, everything you impact will suffer

Here's what I have been practicing in the last year and have seen a HUGE transformation from weight loss, to positivity, to feeling more calm and present.

Tip #1, make yourself a priority.

It wasn’t until I sold the fitness studio in October of 2017 that I finally started looking at building my own healthy habits; physically, mentally and spiritually. Over time, as a result of being consistent with these goals, I finally lost the stubborn weight I was holding onto and all around felt amazing! Take as many of these goals as you’d like and slowly try to implement them into your daily routine.

My daily goals became to:

  • Start my day and end my day with a 2-10 minute meditation with a visualization component
  • Commit to a maximum of 30 minutes a day to workout vs. 2-3 hours, mobility or a yin style yoga could be added
  • Eat when you’re hungry but don’t go beyond 4 hours without eating something nutritious
  • Go to bed at the same time regardless of when I need to be up and get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep
  • Take 5 minutes to journal thoughts and ask myself meaningful questions
  • Connect with amazing humans. Someone that I love, inspires me, elevates me or brings me happiness

Tip #2, go to your edge.

Everyone has heard the quote, what doesn’t challenge you won’t change you… Well, what are you doing, what’s your edge? I used to think the ultimate edge needed to be physical, however the gains I built when my mindset was being pushed resulted into better performance in anything I was doing. For me, paddling into the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed and building that confidence and mental strength to get into the peak when I was scared shitless was huge. It helped me build confidence and resiliency, to be fearless in starting a new online business just 4 months after selling my previous business and exposing my story to the world in a vulnerable and open way… that was my edge.

Tip #3, if it doesn’t make you feel stoked, put your energy elsewhere

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Does it align with your personal values and actually make you stoked? If not, then why are you focusing your energy there? When I asked myself this question during my transition, I started focusing on the things I LOVE doing and spending time doing the things that align with my core values. I feel like I’m living a life full of purpose and that is the ultimate stoke.

There you have it, 3 simple ways you can start to lower stress and increase the stoke in your life. Take or leave it, but I can honestly say these mindset practices and daily habits are what got me to a very happy, fulfilled and de-stressed life. 

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