Patience & Presence


One week and 4 days ago. That's all the time that has past since retiring as the owner of my business. One day is all I've experienced having zero obligations or responsibilities in that timeframe. The amount of times on a daily basis that I've been asked the question: "so what are you going to do now?!" has simply reinforced the need for today's blog post. I remember when I got engaged, within just moments of sharing the exciting news everyone asked when the wedding was, where, how many people, how many in the wedding party. blah blah blah. When we got married, the same thing happened. When are you having kids, are you going to move, blah blah blah. When I started my business Studio Revolution Fitness, people asked me within the first few weeks if I were going to open multiple locations soon, will I franchise, what will I make of this venture, blah blah blah.

Why is it that we cannot just be satisfied with being present in the moment and patient for what is next verses trying to jump straight into what is going to happen in the future?

I won't lie, I am struggling with this exact notion of being here now and patient for the right time to embark on my next venture. It's just not in my natural state of being to operate that way, it takes work. It's hard when you are used to going 100 million miles an hour (slight exaggeration... well kind of!) and now you have this gift called TIME, and this gift called SPACE to enjoy. I understand why us humans are so incredibly impatient and are always thinking about the next thing, but how does it benefit you and I?

I must remind myself of how much value can be lost if I don't practice patience and being present when reflecting on the critical lessons that have come out of this experience. Building up an amazingly successful business, community and team, mastering operations then selling my business has taught me more about myself and people than I ever could imagine. So stop, feel, experience, learn and then move forward.

So I turn it to you, is there something you are avoiding? Are you taking the time to just be in whatever you need to be in? Can you take a moment to experience the now instead of the next? What could you be missing out on if you jump to the next thing instead of taking in what you need to from a current experience?

Take the challenge, try something as easy as keeping your phone off the table during your next meal or coffee with a friend. If you are in the middle of dealing with some shit, then feel it my friend. Get rid of the distractions and when those feelings of anxiousness and being uncomfortable creep in... we are exactly where we need to be.

Wishing you and I both patience and presence... until next time!