"The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, the we too can shine our own light". - S. Anja. Transitions between seasons can be challenging. I can see it on your faces, and I can feel it in myself. Our patience wears thin and all we want is for the snow to stop, the grass to get green, flowers to bloom, the rain to fall, the winds to calm and the light to shine brighter and longer. We want change and want it now. We end up focusing so much on getting out of the now and moving onto the next.

Can you relate??? If yes, you're not alone... here's what we're going to shift:

What if instead we challenge ourselves to be patient in this period of transition and try to see the good in these moments of grey. It's not easy, and it takes daily practice, but the first step is your commitment to being patient.

On October 17th, 2017 I wrote:

"You already know what you know, and you've experienced it before. You are just exploring your evolution and exploring possibilities of how you can impact the world. It's okay to feel lost right now, anxious and unsure about what's next and when it's going to happen but you need to trust yourself. Trust patience. If there is a lesson that is knocking at your door it's trust and patience. Allow yourself to experience the grief, pain and transition in your life you are working through right now. There is good in the situation, there always is in periods of tragedy. You'll know when it's it's time to shed what you no longer need and rise. When you're ready, look at the day as an opportunity to create, the canvas is blank, and you will go design the life you want. In the meantime be patient and trust".

This entry was written just 17 days after I sold my business and was working through the loss and uncertainty of my identity, my purpose and why I was even still in Calgary. After I wrote this, I did a creation meditation and saw my very first vision of The Practice. The only image that came through was me walking up a set of stairs with my surfboard after a dawn patrol session with my husband Trevor. I walked upstairs to my home office in the tropics and checked to see the engagement levels of my online wellness business. I envisioned this amazing community I built and saw the connection with millions of people on this platform. Just 3 months later I was filming the fitness and mindset content in Mexico for this dream I manifested, The Practice.

My commitment to being patient and knowing when to shed and let go of what I needed to in order to rise paid off. It didn't happen overnight though.

Although the visualization came clear after just 17 days post sale of my business, the process, the building, the planning, the testing and execution of the Practice was in place for years. So don't worry, I've been definitely exercised Patience and still do everyday. All I can empower you with is that patience pays off, you just need to make that conscious commitment to practicing.

Just like the snow in the period of transition between Winter to Spring, the unwanted and undesirable will eventually melt away. We can't control time and how quickly we can move through transitions in our lives. So, I encourage you to find patience this Spring or whatever it is in your life that you are waiting to Rise. Find trust in whatever you are feeling anxious about and commit to being patient.

You can start shifting your mindset as early as today by simply reminding yourself of ONE thing you've accomplished that is leading you closer to your goal that you're working towards. You're reading this post so that's a start 😉

If you want to know the steps around Practicing Patience, I'll be sharing them LIVE on April 22nd, from 1:30-3:30 pm at Friendship Fitness YYC with Ace Class, I will be leading a workshop that focuses on this very concept of committing to be patient. I invite you to sign up and explore your patience during the mindset component of the LIVE Practice and then again when we move our bodies for 30 minutes in a workout! Sign up here! 

If you want more in depth mindset lessons, you might want to check out my online wellness program called The Practice with swellness.co.

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