As a surfer you are constantly shifting; paddling a couple of feet to the right, a little further to the back, a little forward, get lower in your stance, pull back, commit... all just to get into the perfect position to catch the best wave. All to cease the perfect opportunity thats been building behind in the distance. Surfers never stay stagnant unless they choose to. When they decide it's time to pause, recover, and take in the beautiful scenery they will, otherwise they are always on the move finding the best spot to be.

Each New Years I write a letter to myself to express the gratitude I have for all the great things and the challenges that happened that year. I acknowledge the accomplishments and try to celebrate the things that at the time felt like hell. I let go then I create. I shift.

This year feels a little more complicated that just "let go, create and shift".

From the Summer of 2017 when my world essentially came tumbling down to now I've been practicing letting go, creating and shifting. I've also allowed myself to pause, recover, take in the beauty around me.

It's so easy for us to live in the space of what didn't go our way, didn't happen and what was missing. Letting go becomes a practice, a big undertaking and an art form. If there is one thing I am working towards letting go of from 2017 but can be grateful that it happened it is the evolution of Studio Revolution Fitness. I emphasize the phrase "working towards" as letting go truly is a practice. There are days when I live in the space of being so happy that I sold my business to an incredible woman who will give Calgary so much that I couldn't, and there are days when I mourn the hell out of what was. The good news is, that's okay to live in both for a period of time. The important thing to remember is that there is something building behind you in the distance that may or may not be clear right now but you have to get yourself ready to be in the best position possible to cease that opportunity.

What can you work towards letting go of in 2017 but at the same time be grateful for it happening?

Get your party dress on and join me in raising a glass to 2017, the year that I hit rock bottom and the year that gave me the space to be create unlimited possibilities.