It's almost been a month since I last shared my latest thoughts in this period of Evolution. I have a good reason I promise ;) A lot has happened since December 29th, 2017 and it's absolutely amazing to look back at the last blog post to see how far I've come in this short of period of time. How?


As a surfer (and for some of you who can relate), I remember the first time I caught a wave. This electric reaction of joy flowed through my mind, body and soul as I made my wobbly way to the shoreline. You feel like you can accomplish anything. You're hungry for more pop ups, that sense of euphoria and freedom, that belief that you are limitlessness. I caught something called the stoke.

I've been a little quiet over this last month because I'm stoked to be building my new venture called "The Practice". Just like my first wave, I've been in a state of limitlessness and euphoria as everything aligns to make this 3 year dream a reality.

Over the last 9 years as I've coached thousands of men and women in a private and group setting, I kept seeing the same problem arise with each of these clients when it came to their wellness.

Consistency. Commitment. Time. Motivation. 

Three years ago, I led a team coaching session out in beautiful Kananaskis for my staff at Studio Revolution Fitness. I had asked them to create the biggest, boldest goal they could think of that if the New York Times interviewed them, what would the headline say they accomplished. It was amazing to see my team come out of their comfort zones into a space where they could get excited about uncertainty and fear of accomplishing these wild and crazy dreams. After they all shared, the tables were then turned to me and they asked me what my headline would be in the New York Times feature. At that time, all that was clear is that I needed to solve this problem of people being bound by or a victim to limited time, financial resources, lack of motivation and how they can access my wellness services anywhere in the world.

So here we are, January 26th, 2018 only 2.5 weeks away from my soft launch of The Practice. The online program is designed to break down these restrictions we all face when it comes to being consistent, committed and motivated in our wellness journey and I can't wait to share this Practice with you to better your life!

I am STOKED to tell you more over the next couple of weeks as we get closer and closer to the unveil of the full product.

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Adios for now Amigas and Amigos!