The Final 48 Hours


The feeling is none other than surreal. I was walking through Stanley Park yesterday with one of my original team members and said "is this really happening? The world doesn't even look real, I feel like I am stuck in a dream". Grieving has been something I've gotten to be very familiar with over the last couple of months. With the passing of my 15 year old furry companion just one month ago, to now saying goodbye to a huge part of my life and arguably my identity; being the Founder and Owner of a magic place called Studio Revolution Fitness. Allowing the feelings of shock, denial, pain, guilt, anger, depression, acceptance and hope to run through me like a wave washing over my body is a daily practice. When people ask "how are you feeling"..... it's a loaded question. Many Calgarians who have reached out to share how we impacted their lives are going through the exact same waves of emotion. There is comfort in knowing, we're all in this together.

It's an interesting space to be in. Depending on my current mindset or the color of the lenses I am looking through, I can see this entire "evolution" of my Revolution as a HUGE success. To build a company (one as unique and amazing as Studio Revolution Fitness) in 3.5 years and successfully sell it is something any entrepreneur should be proud of. I basically achieved an MBA in the journey.... I didn't have to claim personal bankruptcy..... I kept my team intact.... My community a new place to connect.... I get to continue to inspire my team and clients in being a part of CrushCamp... To add, I sold my legacy to someone who I believe in and trust so much to run this "evolution" to the next level. It's a massive win, right?

On the other hand, there is a deep sense of a loss. Despite the number of huge positives in the turning of the tides, there are still feelings of heart wrenching sadness as I prepare my exit. All I can focus on practicing is what I've been preaching to each of you over the last 3 years. "When you feel like quitting, think about why you started". My why has always been to unlock people's potential and that's exactly what I'm going to do continue to do. I am stepping into a space of limitlessness, of confidence, of acceptance in knowing this all happened for a bigger reason. For what's next.

I know in time I will look back just like any other tragedy in life and be able to see the beauty in pain, the opportunity in failing, that I needed to go through this to be strong enough to handle what's next.

I hope this experience serves as a wake up call to many Calgarian's and business owners to get involved and understand what our policy makers are doing to impact our communities. To remember to support local and small businesses as we are the ones who create vibrancy and life in this City.

Today marks the 48 hour mark before I turn my keys in, lock the door and return as an Instructor and mentor to the new owner of CrushCamp. Just 24 hours until we celebrate our last moments as a team, as and the SRF community. Only 24 hours until I share my last surf savasana with you on our boards and leave you with one final message.

If there is something I can leave you with in today's message it is this;

"be open and vulnerable to whatever direction the tides take you in, don't resist or fight against what is happening. Move to a place of acceptance and love, with your purpose as your only compass".


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