The Practice Revealed


The day has finally come to reveal what the Practice is all about! and I are super stoked to present you with this exciting and empowering program that could truly change your life.

I hope you are as excited as we are about The Practice! It's been a very big goal of mine over the last 9 years to empower women in their wellness journey by breaking down all of the common barriers that get in our way when it comes to mindset and movement. The goal is to create a healthier relationship with yourself in all aspects of your life in an efficient, approachable practice.

Time, money, schedule, motivation and convenience are all restrictions I struggled with myself when it came to practicing a healthy lifestyle in a consistent way. This approachable and unique program is designed to overcome these limitations to help you be limitless. Practice online, anywhere, anytime, no more excuses.

As a landlocked Canadian, I found some of my biggest breakthroughs in the water. In each months mindset practice, I have applied all of the lessons over the last 13 years I learned on my surfboard that directly shaped who I am today and how I'm showing up in my life wherever I am in whatever role I play. The daily movement Practices are designed with care and compassion for whatever fitness level you are at to empower you to your next physical goal not deflate you. Don't get me wrong, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone but that's where magic happens.

To find out more visit The Practice page and click on the "get the inside scoop button".


A very special thank you to the Mark Vanderland who did our branding, Scott Martin my partner who partnered with me to make this all possible, and the lovely women Kara Rohl and Julia Barnes of Honubelle for the amazing photography.

I can't wait to share more over the coming weeks online or in person soon!

Thanks for tuning in, until next time!