Hola! If you missed the blog post I wrote last week take a second to catch up! I've got big exciting news that will fully be unveiled this Saturday, February 3rd at 11:11 am MST.

After the big transition in October, I was in the Practice of patience, trust and tuning in. It's funny how effortless and at ease life got when I aligned with recognizing where I am supposed to be, what my purpose is and who I surround myself with. All of that hard work of practicing and aligning and here we are. Ready to tune in to hear what The Practice is all about?

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11:11 is traditionally known to be a time where you are being guided by the greater good and divine into your truth of what you want and gives you clarity of what you don't. It's a time to awaken and cease opportunity. At 11:11 am on Saturday tune in to hear all about how The Practice can make your reality boundless.

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See you on Saturday for the big reveal!

Yours truly,