COURSES that’ll knock your socks off

Whether you want to learn how to show up as your most confident self, figure out how to be part of the 8% who actually crushes their goals or somehow magically gain time back in your schedule to you know… breathe and actually do things you like, I've got a crew and a course for that—let's roll!


Rise with Resiliency | $499

Build An Unf*ckwithable Mindset  

Rise with resilience is an 8 week online course for the brave business owners and leaders who want to have it all baby! You know,

  • grow the biz without sacrificing the rest of your life.

  • Work less but accomplish more.

  • have the damn courage to take the leap and launch a new project or business.

  • show up with the confidence you need to lead a successful team with your mastermind vision.

buuuuuttt there’s one problem, you feel stuck. You’re spinning your tires and don’t know why you just can’t take the action you know you need to. 

Taking that bold leap without letting the rest of your life suffer requires you to have a

clear purposeful vision, boundaries and the effing grit to persevere through the hard times. 

If you’re a hot mess trying to lead a team and drive real results in your business... I hate to break it to ya hunny but if you keep running at the lightning speed you’re going at, it’s a matter of time before it all crumbles.

Remember the best investment for your business is on yourself. 

I’ve been there. 

Without the right tools, awareness and accountability the process can be overwhelming.

That’s why I created this course.

You can fast-track your growth in your business but more importantly in your life…

save years of expensive and painful f*ck ups. No more trial and error. 

So, if you’re looking to turn your existing business into the empire you’ve always wanted while still having a life you love, or make your dream business a reality, this course will help you:

  • Increase your revenue

  • Focus and better prioritize your time doing the things you actually enjoy doing

  • Maximize the impact you make in your business, in your team, and life 

  • Show up with with a fearless mindset ready to face tough conversations or obstacles and find opportunity 

  • get clear on your values and purpose both on a personal and business level 

  • create boundaries to promote self care.... no more faux self care

  • Build awareness and build a plan to breakthrough what’s been holding you back 

Rise with resilience is an intensive and challenging course. From one badass boss lady to the next,

you have unique challenges and needs in your business.

That’s why there are no magic formulas or one size fits all, be ready to dig in and breakthrough what’s holding you back!

Running a business you can be proud of requires enormous focus, courage and perseverance. Most of all, it requires consistent action from a clear and unf*ckwithable mindset. 

So let’s do it!

4 key mindsets | FREE

turn failure into fire

4 days of easy to digest audio lessons you can listen to on the go anywhere, anytime..full of actionable nuggets and mindset shifting magic in the follow up PDF exercises.. Free yourself from the PRESSURE OF PERFECTION, start to FIND BALANCE INSTEAD OF BURN OUT and SHOW UP CONFIDENTLY WITH COURAGE TO TACKLE ANY CHALLENGE…let’s turn those failures into fire… burn baby burn.