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Mallory Chapman’s expertise is in cultivating personal and professional resiliency with a persevering mindset. She is a known entrepreneur who weathered a major business setback in 2017 and came out stronger for it. Her honest and engaging talks provide practical and simple tools leaving the crowd ready to take inspired action in their personal and professional life. She’ll provide the steps to build a stronger, more resilient mindset so you can weather any failure or setback.

I was recently introduced to the force of nature that is Mallory Chapman when we were both featured speakers at a female empowerment conference in Calgary. I was blown away by her powerful presentation and her presence! She is an original thinker who is also accessible, funny, insightful and kind. The audience was captivated. She is definitely a next-gen leader and one to watch!
— Terri Cole, licensed psychotherapist and transformation coach.

4 steps to achieving sustainable success talk


How do you achieve greatness without burning out or being taken down by the daily challenges we all face? Learn how to make it R.A.I.N using Mallory’s 4 step process of building a stronger mindset so you can sustainably achieve success. She’ll share how she flexed her resiliency muscle and overcame a massive business challenge. Mallory will teach the audience how to easily apply the practical 4 step process called “RAIN” to strengthen their mindset and learn to fail forward so they can achieve sustainable success. This 45 to 60-minute keynote can also be expanded into a two hour workshop where participants can begin working on the strategies that will help them cultivate resiliency and build perseverance in the eyes of adversity.

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values based goal setting talk

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Based on the latest research and over a decade of working as a transition counsellor and coach, Mallory will teach your audience how to be part of the 8% who actually achieves their goals. Mallory discovered that the secret to effectively achieving your goals isn’t about the “what”—it’s more about the “perspective” of which you set your goals from. That being your core values. Setting values based goals helps people stay on track in the pursuit of achieving their biggest dreams in a much more effective and sustainable way. Start getting traction and take action today.

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3 steps to overcoming self sabotage



If you’ve ever set a goal and found yourself doing the exact opposite of what you should do, you are not alone. Mallory will teach your audience 3 simple steps to break free from what’s holding you back in the pursuit of your goals. Understand the “why” we get in our own way and gain the tools needed to overcome a self sabotaging mindset. In this 60 minute talk or two hour workshop, Mallory will share:

  • The 8 main ways one would self sabotage

  • The 6 pay offs we get from self sabotaging behaviours

  • The ways you can take NEW ACTION and break the mold of these ingrained patterns of behaviour and build new habits to reach your greatest potential

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