Break free from what could be holding you back from living your #surferstrong life with The Practice; an online fitness and mindset program inspired by surfing. “In your monthly subscription, my goal is to empower you to get into the daily Practice of moving your body and shifting your mindset”- Mallory Chapman, Host of The Practice. 

Join Mallory and an inspiring, supportive community of Practice Posse members on this wellness adventure. This simple and approachable program is accessible anywhere, anytime, without the excuses. Save time and money while you get into the daily Practice of breaking through barriers and excuses. 

"I started because I wanted to choose living, living life to my full potential.  I wanted to have fin.  Thank you for bringing that back to my life."

“I loved my workouts and they truly enhanced my whole trip while I was on the road.  They kept me physically and emotionally strong.”

“Her workouts have been my sanity and I have loved every single one of them (despite my whining! I hope you know the extent of your impact!”

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