Does this sound like you?

…You’re bored by the same old workout routine.

…You feel like you’re stuck in a motivation rut and need a mindset recharge.

…You want to make sure you’re working your entire body toget the best results… in under 30 minutes a day.

…You’re ready to form new healthy habits that will last you a lifetime.

Our everyday programs are for the everyday person looking to strengthen their bodies and take their mindset to new heights with a bit of a twist.

Escape with me online in my surf inspired workouts and mindset lessons and uncover your #surferstrong self!

All of our courses and subscriptions are approachable, accessible and holistic.

Here’s what you can expect:

Build a life that makes you feel strong, swell and stoked!

Our programs are designed to help you build habits that are sustainable and accessible. With 3 options to choose from, I’ve got you covered. Check out one of my online monthly health challenges or one of my “go at your own pace” workout and mindset programs;  The Practice Light or The Full Practice.

"I started because I wanted to choose living, living life to my full potential.  I wanted to have fin.  Thank you for bringing that back to my life."

“I loved my workouts and they truly enhanced my whole trip while I was on the road.  They kept me physically and emotionally strong.”

“Her workouts have been my sanity and I have loved every single one of them (despite my whining! I hope you know the extent of your impact!”

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